Customs Clearance

In order to provide a comprehensive customer service, Conektar S.A. provides services in different customs in the interior of the country and in the La Plata Free Zone.
We provide comprehensive foreign trade services in all customs in the country, seeking that our clients trust us and be sure of who handles their cargo. We advise them on the customs regime and tariff

Oriented to results and with the mission of optimizing the times and costs of our clients, we seek excellence in the service we provide

Freight Forwarding

Aware of the importance of international transport and logistics in your business, we work every day to provide you with solutions according to your needs.

We have a specialized and highly trained team who will handle your loads with the greatest effectiveness in order to optimize all resources.

International insurance

It goes without saying that, whatever the size of the company under consideration, you must ensure the care and insurance of your assets, investing in a good policy, with the most complete coverage.

Internal logistics

We work to optimize each phase of your logistics, reducing your costs and thus add value to your production tasks and supply chain.


This service is focused on those companies that want to start their activity in foreign trade or those that wish to “outsource” this area. All aspects of the operation will be addressed from the logistics circuit to customs and exchange regulations. Coordinating and ordering the operation of the client's operations is essential, achieving the introduction and improving the efficiency of your company's processes for a highly complex market.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in leading multinational companies, and will pour all their know-how into the optimization of foreign trade processes.


Bolivar 430 - C1066 - C.A.B.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina


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