Enrollment to the Import / Export Regime

This is a compulsory procedure that is performed only once and that enables the company to perform import and export operations to its name. USD 400.

Previous Governmental Interventions

Processing of specific authorizations prior to import/export as applicable for the type of goods.


Freight forwarder

Comprehensive management of the logistics operations of international transportation.

Coordination, pickup of goods at source, monitoring during international transit and receiving it in port.

Quote of freight and international insurance and selection of the best discharge port in Argentina according to costs and final destination of the cargo.
The cost of this service varies depending on the goods, the origin and its destination.



• Tariff Classification (Harmonized Tari Code): Determination of prior authorization necessary for the import of the goods. Detailed report on import rights and other taxes and / or expenses necessary to import the goods.

• Customs clearance: Import / Export.

• Non-Automatic Licensing (LNA): There are goods that require a prior permit to import, which is provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

fr   Internal logistics

Contracting and monitoring of inland freight from the port to the final destination of the goods or other transits. Merchandise storage management in fiscal facilities or other storage facilities. The service fee is quoted according to the characteristics of the goods,
origin and destination.

Import / Export using Conektar License

This service will allow your company to run import and/or export operations through Conektar S.A. with no need to register your signature.

Additional Services

In addition to the services previously mentioned, Conektar S.A. oers assistance in developing new suppliers related to customer’s activity.